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nafta changes
Senior officials from Canada and Mexico say re-negotiations of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) will happen with all nations at the table. The trade agreement between the U.S., Canada and Mexico is being targeted by President Donald Trump for “tweaking.” Continue reading

The U.S. dairy sector is urging President Donald Trump to discuss Canada’s protectionist milk pricing policy during Monday’s meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Continue reading

Cargill plans
Cargill plans to spend $2.7 million to expand and upgrade an Ontario, Canada processing facility that handles 1,500 head of cattle per day. Continue reading

business rejection
Pork industry leaders from Canada say the rejection of the Trans-Pacific Partnership by the United States could create new export opportunities for Canada’s pork producers. Continue reading

Group Urges U.S. Governors to Aid in Preserving Export Markets and ‘Consider All Tools at Their Disposal’

The U.S. dairy industry continued to push back against Canada’s protectionist policies that are effectively blocking American dairy imports into the country in violation of international agreements. A group of 17 dairy companies representing dairy farmers and processors from coast to coast asked governors in 25 states to urge Canadian policymakers to uphold existing trade commitments with the United States and halt the imminent implementation of a national strategy that would unfairly subsidize Canadian dairy products in its domestic and global markets. Continue reading

pork exports
The National Pork Producers Council committed to work with the Trump administration to preserve tariff-free market access for U.S. pork exports to Canada and Mexico. The administration is planning to pursue trade discussions with the two countries.

“As far a pork is concerned, the trade deals with Canada and Mexico have been tremendous for U.S. pork producers,” said NPPC President John Weber, a pork producer from Dysart, Iowa. Continue reading

import tax canada exporters
Exporters in Canada are scrambling to avoid a potential 10 percent import tax promised by new U.S. President Donald Trump. Continue reading

trade minister
Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (True-doh) has replaced Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland with Francois-Philippe (Frans-wah-Fill-leap) Champagne, a Quebec lawyer specializing in international trade. Continue reading

U.S. dairy organizations and the state departments of agriculture across the country told President-elect Donald Trump that Canada’s existing and soon-to-be-expanded protectionist policies are intentionally designed to block imports from the United States. Continue reading

A majority of Canadians support applying new tariffs on U.S. goods if the U.S. pulls out of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Continue reading

bilateral agreement
Trade officials from Canada will meet with similar leadership in China next month to begin trade talks on a bilateral trade agreement. Continue reading

Canada’s trade minister says the world-leading trade relationship between Canada and the United States does not need to be on U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s list of things to fix once he takes office. Continue reading

trade Japan determined
Officials from Japan are urging Canada to join the fight against U.S. trade protectionism. Japan is still determined to save the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership, despite U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s vow to take the United States out of the agreement. Continue reading

cattle-grazing-on-saskatchewan canada field
Quarantines related to the discovery of bovine tuberculosis in Canada have expanded into the Saskatchewan providence. Ag Canada reports two farms in southwestern Saskatchewan were added to the list of those under quarantine. Continue reading

Donald Trump Canada
Experts who spoke recently with the Global News website agreed on one thing when it comes to President-elect Donald Trump and relations with Canada: It will not be business as usual. Continue reading

Representatives of Canada and the EU shake hands trade deal
The Prime Minister of Belgium and other political leaders have reached a consensus supporting the proposed trade deal between Canada and the European Union. Continue reading

Canada’s Prime Minister appears to be warming up to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement following the stalled negotiations of a trade deal between the European Union and Canada. Continue reading

Representatives of Canada and the EU shake hands
A pending trade deal between the European Union and Canada that was once a certainty to be signed is now all but dead in the water. That’s the opinion of the Canadian Trade Minister who left recent talks in Brussels. Continue reading

Canola flower planting, rapeseed oil base.
Trade leaders from Canada and China have signed a trade agreement that supports canola exports to China. Canola is Canada’s second-largest export and top agricultural export to China, according to World Grain News. Continue reading

European Union countries flags-working
The European Union (EU) and Canada are working to overcome doubts of other nations included in an EU-Canada free trade deal. The EU and Canada Wednesday announced a declaration spelling out the limits of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, to ease other EU nations, such as Austria, according to Reuters. Continue reading

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