Second Tree Tests Positive for HLB in San Gabriel

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Huanglongbing on oranges.  Photo courtesy of USDA.

Huanglongbing on oranges.
Photo courtesy of USDA.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has confirmed a second tree has tested positive for the citrus disease huanglongbing (HLB) in connection to the previous HLB detection in Los Angeles County on July 10.

Second Tree Tests Positive for HLB

CDFA confirmed a kumquat tree in San Gabriel, Calif. tested positive for HLB on July 10. A neighboring lime tree was tested as part of the detection protocol and that test came back positive for the disease. Both the kumquat and lime trees were confirmed positive through PCR testing. The kumquat tree was removed from the property the day of the official detection and CDFA will work closely with the lime tree owner to remove it promptly. Both of these trees are on residential properties and CDFA Director of Public Affairs Steve Lyle says the closest commercial grove is 18 miles away.

Officials say CDFA has made San Gabriel a priority and personnel are actively inspecting trees and collecting samples. Asian citrus psyllid treatments will begin next week and a public meeting is being held on July 16 to educate residents in the area on the disease and pest.