Recognizing the Importance of Farmers on National Ag Day

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National Agriculture Day serves as a time to acknowledge and celebrate the essential work that farmers and ranchers perform. Initially beginning in 1973 with the formation of the Agriculture Council of America, the movement has continued to grow each year. March 23 marks the 48th anniversary of National Ag Day, with a theme this year of “Food Brings Everyone to the Table.” Over the last year, the invaluable work of the agricultural industry has been highlighted amidst the issues created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“On National Agriculture Day, we recognize the unique and irreplaceable value that farmers, ranchers, foresters, farmworkers, and other agricultural stewards have contributed to our Nation’s past and present,” President Joe Biden stated in a White House proclamation. “America’s agriculture sector safeguards our Nation’s lands through sustainable management; ensures the health and safety of animals, plants, and people; provides a safe and abundant food supply; and facilitates opportunities for prosperity and economic development in rural America.”

The proclamation from President Biden marks the fifth year that The White House has officially recognized National Ag Day as a celebration of the contributions made by the industry. Agricultural groups, businesses, students, and government organizations involved in agriculture will all be participating in various events as part of the celebration. The National Ag Day program encourages Americans to reflect on the service provided by farmers and ranchers. Ag Day is meant to inspire appreciation for the importance of maintaining a steady food supply and the role that agriculture plays in the overall economy.

“Please join with me to celebrate National Ag Day in the United States, and to recognize the value of our farmers, ranchers, and producers, and those who work in labor in our farm fields,” Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said in his message highlighting the event. “These folks provide safe and abundant food for all of us, making us a food secure nation. They make sure our food is affordable, helping to build a strong and diverse economy. These folks allow us to export food all over the world, to help create jobs here at home while also making sure that people understand the importance of the American brand of excellence and food production.”

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