How to Plant and Care for Beans

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Cathy Isom continues her series on beans by giving you tips on how to plant and care for beans in your garden. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

How to Plant and Care for Beans

It’s recommended to direct-sow beans since beans don’t enjoy being transplanted.  Plant with the eye of the bean facing down at a depth of 2-inches.

Before planting, soak the bean overnight. Plant after the danger of frost has passed, when soil temps are above 60°F. Be careful not to plant when the soil is too wet because the beans will rot in cool, damp soil.

It can take up to 10 days for seedlings to sprout. Beans prefer warmer weather for the most part, though this may depend on the variety. Plant beans in a sunny spot with at least 6 hours of sunshine. Place 9 seeds per square foot and use stakes for support. Water frequently. 

Pinch or cut the top of pole beans to prevent the plants from growing out of control. Pruning is not required for bush beans.

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