MSOB: Biostimulant Council to Strengthen Industry Clarity

Taylor Hillman Industry, Making Sense of Biologicals

The newly-formed Biostimulant Council should continue the push for clarity in the industry.

A new partnership between the Biostimulant Coalition and The Fertilizer Institute will help the development of regulations and standards for biostimulant companies and products. The two groups are combining resources to form the Biostimulant Council. “Essentially it will be a committee within The Fertilizer Institute,” Biostimulant Coalition Executive Director David Beaudreau said.

As previously detailed in an MSOB episode, there isn’t a federally recognized definition for these products and many states have different protocols of their own. The Environmental Protection Agency is creating the regulatory framework for the industry but it’s still a work in progress.

In this episode of the Making Sense of Biologicals (MSOB) program, Beaudreau details what this new group aims to do, how their conversations are different between legislators and growers, and how they can help get products to market in a timely fashion. “Ideally, we will be able to develop a more uniform, streamlined, standardized process that states will accept and either a third party or the USDA,” he noted.

Listen to the episode with David Beaudreau.

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