Fruit Jack O Lanterns

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Cathy Isom has ideas about some great fruits you can use to make Halloween Jack O Lanterns. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Fruit Jack O Lanterns

Sure, nothing screams Halloween more than the biggest, plumpest, perfectly carved pumpkin with a happy, sad or scary face. But there are also some other great and colorful fruits you can use for creating Jack O Lanterns, and yours may even be the hit of the neighborhood.

Fruits such as Pineapples and Watermelons. They work incredibly well and you might even find them much easier to carve and hollow out then a pumpkin. Honeydew and cantaloupe could work, too, if they’re available in your area. Not only that, you can immediately eat whatever you’ve scooped out!

The pineapple does costs a little less than a pumpkin this time of year. When it’s lit, using either a battery-operated tea light or candle, the entire pineapple shell will glow in a cool pattern. Watermelons on the other hand will be a little more expensive this time of year. When choosing one, look for one that is flat on one side so your Jack O Lantern doesn’t roll over.