Farming from the Heart- Our Future

Taylor Hillman General

our future
In the agriculture industry we understand the circle of life quite well. The seasons change, the crops are harvested, the animals go to feed the world. And by the next year we start all over again.

This applies to more than just production of food, it applies to our lives. It’s the way we, as farmers, ranchers, communicators and everything in between change the world. Then we grow old, teach our young, and eventually leave everything we’ve built in their hands. Giving them the most important job, being the men and women who keep the combines going, tractors rolling and hearts beating for the sole purpose of feeding the world. In the midst of this ever changing life, we sometimes forget to look at our future, the future who is doing their best to hold their steers head up with their tiny little 9 year old arms. The future who is gathering every ounce of courage they have to talk to the reporter about their chickens. The future who, with sleepy eyes, puts on their boots every morning, rain or shine, to go out and feed their pigs.

We mustn’t forget that no matter what happens today, we need a plan for tomorrow. The world will never stop needing agriculture. We must nurture and educate and instill the love and passion for our country and its agriculture industry right now, to plan for tomorrow.





(Music by Tim McGraw, Humble and Kind)