EPA Makes Final Review Decision on Glyphosate

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The Environmental Protection Agency periodically assesses herbicides and pesticides to determine the chemicals’ functionality and safety. During this process, the agency accepts public comments, conducts research and undergoes registration review.

The EPA recently finalized its latest review and issued its decision on the widely used chemical glyphosate which is found in the well-known weed killer Roundup. In its Glyphosate Interim Registration Review Decision, the EPA continues its stance on glyphosate as being safe and, “did not identify any human health risks from exposure to glyphosate.” The review also noted, “the benefits outweigh the potential ecological risks when glyphosate is used according to label directions.”

The agriculture community uses the chemical on many commodities for various reasons. It can be applied as a pre-emergent, post-emergent, or as a pre-harvest application and is relatively cost-efficient. The EPA did list updates to required labeling and spray drift management which can be found here.

Listen to the report below.

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