diamondback moth

Diamondback Moth Survives Both Warm and Cold

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The diamondback moth thrives in warmer weather like other insects but can take cooler temperatures as well.

diamondback moth
Diamondback Moth

The crop pest known as the diamondback moth is an issue for growers along coastal California and the desert-producing areas into Arizona. The pest has been an issue over the last several years, and good management starts with clean transplants for the nursery. University of Arizona Extension Specialist John Palumbo said the issue with diamondback moth is that it can also handle cold weather and not die off in those temperatures like the bagrada bug.

It’s cooled off now, but back in early October, Palumbo said around 90 degrees is the prime development temperature for the moth and populations can grow quickly. 

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Diamondback Moth Survives Both Warm and Cold
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