Conservation: The California Lifestyle

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California Department of Water Resources Unveils Conservation: The California Lifestyle at State Fair

ConservationMaking conservation a way of life in California is the focus of three beautiful, information-packed exhibits by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) at the California State Fair in Sacramento.

The exhibits, entitled Conservation: The California Lifestyle, are on display over the next 17 days for State Fair attendees who want to learn how to embrace water conservation as a way of life.

The first exhibit, located in Building B, illustrates how a ‘water-wise’ home can enhance leisure time for the trademark California lifestyle.  Our mild winters and long, dry summers offer the opportunity to incorporate outdoor living into our home environment.  DWR’s exhibit shows how to respect our climate and use water wisely indoors and outdoors.

DWR’s second exhibit, located in Farm Area #2, walks visitors step-by-step through the do-it-yourself process of saving water on unused lawn without compromising beauty.  DWR staff will be on hand to explain how to help cover the cost of landscape updates through the State’s turf rebate program.  The DWR display features an artful edible garden and beautiful landscaping.

Located in Farm Area #1, DWR’s third exhibit gives visitors a look at plant options for creating water-efficient gardens and landscapes.  Plants are displayed in actual garden beds, labeled by their scientific and common names.  Brochures depicting and naming the plants are available so fair goers have a shopping list when they visit local retailers.

DWR volunteers are on hand to guide visitors through the exhibits, answer questions, and explain how residents may receive up to $2,000 through the State’s turf rebate program.  DWR volunteers also will explain to visitors how they may receive State rebates for the purchase and installation of water-efficient toilets.

DWR’s three public-service exhibits are made possible through the combined efforts and donations of four State agencies.

Staffing for turf removal and ground preparation for the exhibit gardens was provided by the California Conservation Corps (CCC). The CCC, now celebrating its 40th year of public service, has been a vital partner in DWR’s industrial turf replacement program by providing ground crews for turf removal projects statewide.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture apportioned space within its Farm exhibits for the DWR Conservation: The California Lifestyle exhibits.

Fencing materials for the garden displays were donated by the California Exposition and State Fair.

DWR water efficiency experts are available for media interviews at the State Fair exhibits. For interview arrangements, contact the DWR information officers at the numbers listed above.

For more information and an online look at DWR’s exhibits, Conservation: The California Lifestyle, visit

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