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Citrus Grove Protection Involves Looking Out for Pests

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The pests to watch out for to protect your citrus grove. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

citrus grove

Living in subtropical or tropical regions gives you the advantage of growing citrus fruits. But there is a downside – plenty of pests and diseases. And, some of these problems can make growing citrus trees troublesome, if not impossible.

Aphids are one of the most common citrus tree pests. They suck out the sap from the leaves, and leave behind a sticky residue called honeydew.

Another common citrus tree pest is brown soft scale. They’re small insects that attach to the wood and foliage of a tree, but sometimes, they also attach to the fruit.

Citrus Bud Mite typically attack and infest lemon trees, especially in coastal areas.

Dealing with citrus thrips can be frustrating. One of the first signs you’ll notice is shriveled leaf buds and curled, distorted leaves that have a silvery appearance. Citrus thrips also cause scabbing and streaking on the fruits.

The citrus whitefly is a tiny insect typically found on the underside of the leaves on your citrus trees.

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Citrus Grove Protection Involves Looking Out for Pests