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California Wild Pig Problems: How Much?

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Wild Pig Problems
The scope of wild pig problems in California is difficult to estimate and researchers need your help to determine the impact of this growing problem.

The problem of wild pigs in California isn’t necessarily new, but it is growing. However, University of California (UC) Cooperative Extension Wildlife Specialist Robert Baldwin says despite the damage they do, wild pigs are not just a nuisance. “Pigs are managed as a game species here in California, one of the few states where that’s actually the case,” Baldwin said. “In addition to the damage that pigs cause, they’re also a source of income for certain people through hunting outfits and a source of recreation for people who go out and pig hunt, so it’s a complicated issue from that perspective.”

Baldwin said because of that, there are several agencies involved in managing wild pigs around California and now his UC Extension is conducting a survey to help track the pigs. “When we get enough data, we will be able to analyze where we are finding this damage, how much damage is out there, and we’ll be able to relate that back to certain habitat features and other factors that we’re considering,” Baldwin said. “That will all be super helpful to us to get a better idea of how to more effectively manage pigs.”

You can participate in the survey through the Extension’s website.