Farming from the Heart- Cal Poly Student’s Forestry Insight

Taylor Hillman General

Cal Poly Student'sCorryn talked to Cal poly student Tori Norville at Big Creek Lumber earlier this month. Tori is on the Cal Poly Loggers team. She spoke to us about the forestry industry and her concerns about how many threats there are to the industry this year.

Tori says that the industry is relevant in California and that most of the lumber California uses comes from California trees.

When speaking about threats to the industry, she tells us a big threat to the industry is catastrophic wildfires. Every year there seems to be a burn in California, which damages the industry. She says that although large and uncontrolled fires are detremental, there are environmental and financial advantages to doing controlled burns. Tori espressed a lot of interest in having a career in the forestry industry.



 Cal Poly Forester


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