Best Dual-Purpose Breeds to Considering if Raising Sheep

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One of the best dual-purpose breeds if you are considering raising sheep. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Border Leicester Sheep

When it comes to understanding which breed is best for raising sheep, some say the Merino breed is the ideal option for small farms, while others are adamant that nothing will do but the Icelandic. If you’re thinking of raising sheep for meat or wool, the Border Leicester breed is one you need to consider. This heavy, docile breed is great for families and has several strengths that make it the ideal choice for many farms.

The Border Leicester has long bodies along with well-developed chests and ribs and a strong, wide back. They have black noses and unique ears that are large and upright. Their feet are dark and both their legs and head are free from wool.

Besides meat and wool production, other reasons for raising Leicester sheep include Fertility and Mothering abilities, hardiness, and foraging abilities. The only slight disadvantage to note when raising Border Leicester is that some studies that they can be slightly more prone to certain diseases.

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Best Dual-Purpose Breeds to Considering if Raising Sheep

Border Leicester Sheep | Hardy Prolific Foragers
The Border Leicester is a British longwool sheep considered a dual-purpose breed as it is raised both for its meat and wool.
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