Agronomic Minute: Keeping Vineyards Disease Free After Pruning

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Growers will be out pruning their vineyards this spring, which comes with added risk of disease. The wounds left by the practice provide an opportunity for infection. Technical Services Manager for UPL North America, Katie Driver said there are several diseases that can be problematic in the springtime such as Eutypa and Phomopsis.


“Growers need to be mindful of pruning wound diseases and that the size of the wound left from pruning can make some vines more susceptible to disease or pathogens. Practicing sanitation between cuts or between vines, can help reduce the spread of disease,” said Driver. “But protecting pruning wounds as soon as possible after pruning is important especially if irrigation, rainfall, or fog is expected. Treating before any of those moisture events can help improve disease control.”

Eutypa can delay shoot emergence and can eventually cause the vine to die. Severe infections of Phomopsis can lead to lower cluster counts and weights. Preventative approaches can be the most effective in keeping vineyards safe from disease. Driver said that their product TOPSIN has been shown to be effective, particularly when used in combination with Rally. When applied appropriately, the duo can provide growers with disease and resistance management.

“It is important to protect pruning cuts as soon as possible, especially if irrigation, rainfall, or fog are expected. We recommend applying within 24 hours for best results. Be sure to get thorough coverage of all cut surfaces and if multiple applications are needed, you can apply on two-week intervals. Especially if you are expecting moisture such as irrigation, rainfall, or high humidity,” Driver explained. “So, to ensure coverage, you can actually spray this on all surfaces of the vines, or you could paint it onto cuts as you go. It really just depends on what fits your vineyard management program.”

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