Ag Groups Fear Anti-trade Talk at RNC

Taylor Hillman General

Anti-trade Talk
Farmers and agriculture groups all fear anti-trade talk at this week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

They are also looking for the presumptive nominee to keep pushing for reform of the regulatory agenda in D.C. Donald Trump has come out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and threatened to impose high tariffs on China. Agri-Pulse said that’s alarming to the agriculture industry, but Trump’s selection of Indiana Governor Mike Pence has brought some optimism back into the Ag sector. Pence is an outspoken supporter of the TPP and the other trade deals. House Ag Committee Chair Mike Conaway has offered to advise the Trump Campaign on farm policy, but they haven’t responded.  Conaway will be joined by Senate Agriculture Committee Chair Pat Roberts at the Great American Farm Luncheon on Wednesday. It’s an event organized by agribusiness interests at the Republican National Convention. Roberts hopes that Trump will keep up his criticism of President Obama on regulations, saying “our candidate has hit that one out of the park.”