—John Wynn, is the General Manager, part owner of Golden Empire Almond Shelling, as well as an almond grower in Kern County. He listens to KERN Radio for AgNetWest Reports.

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“I listen to KFIG-AM 940. At 12:15 I hear Out and About Western Agriculture. I love it because it’s relevant, informative, and concise, and information I need to know.”

—Rob Bryant, Don Headrick Farming, Walnut Operation, Hanford, CA

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“When I listen to KTIP radio in Porterville a couple of times a day, I specifically like the AgNetWest News programing. It gives me what I want to hear in the agricultural community. It keeps me up to speed.”

—Tom Wollenman, Vice President of LoBue Citrus, a grower, packer and shipper of citrus, Exeter, CA

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“We listen to KYOS radio in Merced and we hear Sabrina reporting on California agriculture every day. We love how current the AgNet West news is.”

—Kent and Suzanne Roberts, Almond Growers, Atwater, CA

“When I hear the AgNet West programs on KYOS in Merced, I know the report is going to be about California agriculture. And that’s important to me.”

—Roger Wood, Consultant, former peach farmer, Merced County

“I’m always pushing buttons on my car radio and I often hear AgNet West on different stations as I travel up and down the San Joaquin Valley. I think any communication of agricultural issues with growers and the public is a great thing.”

—Dr. Robert Leavitt, Director of Plant Health and Pest Prevention Service for the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

“In the morning, I tune in on KION Radio in Salinas and hear AgNet West programs during the Mark Carbonaro Show. AgNet West is very local and relevant to California agriculture, and I often hear reports regarding Salinas Valley vegetable production.”

—Kevin Vaughan, Pest Control Advisor, Crop Production Services, Salinas.

“I hear the morning AgNet West reports on KERN radio in Bakersfield. I think they’re great in that they give listeners a headline of what’s going on, which is always very relevant to California agriculture. It’s quality information.”

—Kirk Mouser, is a Valent USA Corp., Pest Control Advisor and consultant on nut crops. He works with the larger operations farming almonds, pistachios and walnuts, totaling 470,000 acres.

“I always listen to Bakersfield’s KERN 1180 in the morning and during the early afternoon.
When I hear the AgNet West reports, it’s always something interesting and pertains to the California Ag industry.

The reports relate to what is happening on our ag scene, on our crops.

I also like the way that it’s condensed and gets to the point. AgNet West delivers.”

—Carl Fanucchi, a long time grower, now consulting on 15,000 acres of pistachios in Kern, Tulare and Kings Counties.

“I leave Chico around 5 am and drive to my ranch in Williams, and I listen to Matt Ray’s news program on KPAY 1290 AM. I also hear AgNetWest reports during my morning commutes. We need programs like AgNetWest beating the brush for farmers, and the agricultural industry as a whole.”

—Tom Peterson, Peterson Ranch, an almond operation in Chico.

“We travel around each morning and listen to KPAY AM in Chico and hear the AgNetWest programs, which tell us what’s going on in California agriculture.”

—Frank Woodmansee, Thomas Manufacturing Co., Chico.

“We listen to both KFIG in Fresno and KYOS in Merced. We love AgNet West programs because we can hear from fellow farmers and are able to get their perspective and see that they are going through the same things as we are. It keeps it real.”

—Steve and Klytia Burcham, 114 acres of Pistachios, Firebaugh, Calif.

“I listen to KPAY in Chico and enjoying hearing the AgNet West programs, which is the only programing devoted to agriculture that I have come across.”

—Steve Bickley a technical sales representative with Brandt Monterey. He’s based in Chico looking after thousands of acres of rice, prunes, tomatoes, and almonds in Butte County, as well as wine grapes in Napa and Sonoma. Click to listen to audio.

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“I think AgNetWest is terrific, because it is very important for agriculture to be informed within their own industry.”

—Leo Pearlstein is founder and President of Lee and Associates, Inc, a Los Angeles based full-service public relations and advertising firm, which he opened in 1950. Click to listen to audio.

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“AgNetWest is the most current on agricultural news. You are heard at just the right time in the morning and afternoon.”

—Gerald Simianer, a long time crop duster with a big interest in agriculture.
He listens to KYOS 1480 in Merced. Click below to hear what he has to say.

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“I believe AgNet West is a valuable part of KPAY’s programing, simply because as people understand a little better some of the intricacies of farming and what it means to the local community and the benefits that we all derive from it. It’s great that they carry that programming and share the farming news with the public who would not otherwise hear much about it, unless it was delivered right to their door.”

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—George Nicolaus, 800-plus acres walnut , almond, and row crops, Butte County.

“I hear AgNet West reports on KION in the morning. Many of the PCAs in the valley listen to KION.”

—Adrian Cuevas, Pest Control Advisor, with Crop Production Services, Salinas.