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farm laws
Everett Griner talks about states passing unwelcome farm laws in today’s Agri View. Hear Everett’s report and learn more. →

American Farm Bureau Federation delegates from all 50 states and Puerto Rico today approved a special resolution urging Congress to enact swift, meaningful and strongly bipartisan regulatory reform. The resolution, adopted at AFBF’s 2017 Annual Convention in Phoenix, comes in the wake of the introduction of bills in Congress that would pare back the rapid growth of oppressive regulation and government overreach. Continue reading

Republicans in the House of Representatives have tried for six years to advance a bill requiring Congressional approval for any new administrative rule projected to cost the economy more than $100 million annually. Continue reading

new congress
With a new Congress seated in Washington, D.C., the Republican-led majority will push to roll back government regulations put in place by the Barack Obama administration. Continue reading

After a seven-week recess, Congress returns to session this week as many have little expectation lawmakers will accomplish much of anything with the November elections looming. Continue reading

The White House let Congress know last Friday morning that it will be bringing the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement to lawmakers in a move that’s intended to bring new energy to the discussions. Continue reading

Congress Yet to Deal with Ag Appropriations Bill

ag appropriations bill
When Congress returns to Washington D.C., it will have over 100 appropriations bills to work through, including the Ag Appropriations Bill, which Politico says could face some stiff challenges. Continue reading

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