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agricultural education
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) today announced 19 grants totaling $4,790,100 to support agricultural science programs at non-land-grant universities. The funding is made possible through NIFA’s Capacity Building Grants for Non-Land-Grant Colleges of Agriculture (NLGCA) program, authorized by the 2014 Farm Bill. Continue reading

Evacuation of a large swath of land downstream from Oroville Dam during the weekend caused logistical headaches for farmers, ranchers and agricultural businesses within the affected area, while Department of Water Resources crews worked to head off a feared failure of the emergency spillway at the dam.

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national farm machinery show
Dennis Slater, President of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, and Jason Rittenberry, CEO of the Kentucky State Fair, made a joint announcement at this week’s National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, regarding a collaboration between the groups. Continue reading

china trade
The European Union is getting set to talk trade with China in April or May. European officials told Reuters the goal is to promote free trade and international cooperation in the face of what may be a more protectionist Washington D.C. Continue reading

snap house agriculture committee
The House Agriculture Committee held a hearing to explore the implications of restricting what can be purchased with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. Members of the committee heard from a panel of witnesses who discussed the challenges of implementing product restrictions, the need for encouraging healthy purchasing habits, and the role that incentives and nutrition education can play in changing consumer behavior. Continue reading

high fructose corn syrup
Domestic use of high fructose corn syrup continues to fall, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Continue reading

The Dakota Pipeline protest became a popular cause for many people. But was it just a publicity stunt and business venture? It was Big Business and some people made big money from it.

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usda grant reviewers agricultural research service
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is accepting applications from any state cattle association or state general farm organization that wants to be certified as eligible to nominate beef, dairy, or veal producers or importers to the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board.  Applications are due by March 16, 2017. Continue reading

The 50th anniversary World Ag Expo begins today at the International Agri-Center in Tulare. There are more than 1400 exhibits, with 26 million square feet of exhibit space. Last year more than 106,340 people visited the expo. The event is the culmination of the hard work of 25 staff members and 1200 volunteers.
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Farmland Values
Farmland values are generally declining significantly in the nation’s midsection, according to Federal Reserve Banks, but the story is a little different when you look at USDA numbers. Gary Crawford has the story.

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American Farm Bureau Federation logo
The farm and ranch families of Farm Bureau raised more than $1.1 million and donated a record of more than 28.9 million pounds of food to assist hungry Americans in 2016 as part of Farm Bureau’s “Harvest for All” program. Combined, the monetary and food donations also reached a record level of the equivalent of more than 31 million meals. Continue reading

Smaller Government Payments
One factor expected to help bring net farm income down slightly this year is projected lower direct government payments to farmers. Gary Crawford has the story.

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Think “Valentine’s Day flowers,” and the first one that comes to mind is … lilies? Daisies? Tulips?Hey, why not?

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year pansy
Cathy Isom tells us about the flowers getting special recognition this year and why you’ll want to include them in your own garden. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. Hear Cathy’s report and learn more. →

managing irrigationAs almond growers are getting ready for pollination, Director of Agricultural Affairs for the Almond Board of California, Bob Curtis, says at the field level, best management practices are critical. He says it all starts with a good working relationship between the almond grower and the bee keeper, especially when it comes to communication about the use of pesticides.
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It is time to start planning that garden. Cathy Isom has some tips on the seeds you should plant first for your Spring garden. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. Hear Cathy’s report and learn more. →

gmo labeling bill
The GMO labeling bill passed by Congress last year faces an uncertain future. The National Bio-engineered Food Disclosure Standard passed by Congress last year preempts a patchwork of state laws mandating labeling of food products containing genetically modified organisms. Continue reading

irrigation workshops
In today’s Almond Update, Jenny Nicolau, manager, industry relations for the Almond Board, tells us about upcoming irrigation workshops the Almond Board is having on efficient irrigation and nitrogen use.
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online grocery shopping
Researchers suggest online grocery shopping is expected to expand by nearly 50 percent by this summer. NPD Group, a New York-based market research company, reports that an estimated 52 million consumers currently shop for food and beverages online and 20 million current, lapsed, or newcomers to online grocery shopping will increase their Internet purchases within the next six months. Continue reading

House Agriculture Committee holds an organizational meeting, approves Rules for 115th Congress and Chairman Conaway announces Subcommittee assignments.

house agriculture committee
The House Agriculture Committee met to formally organize and adopt the committee’s rules for the 115th Congress.

“I am very excited to get to work crafting policies that will benefit America’s farmers and ranchers with the help of my esteemed colleagues this Congress. They each bring a different perspective to the table, which will be instrumental as we dive into writing the next farm bill. I look forward to the journey ahead as we work to promote and strengthen rural America,” said Chairman K. Michael Conaway. Continue reading

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