Senators Urge FCC To Ensure Affordable Rural Broadband Access

Dan Industry News Release, Technology

senatorsA bipartisan group of senators is urging the FCC to ensure access to affordable broadband in rural communities.

Led by Senate Agriculture Chairman Pat Roberts, the group penned a letter the Federal Communications Commission Wednesday asking the FCC to “ensure its commitment to affordable and reliable broadband for consumers in the hardest to reach communities across rural America.” The senators write that a lack of resources to meet our goals is “undermining investment and consumer access to affordable broadband across much of rural America.” The Senators say the High-Cost Universal Service Fund budget shortfall is harming rural broadband providers. More than 20 Senators signed the letter to the FCC.

The Senators say they believe that the FCC is best positioned to identify a solution to the budget shortfall and ensure broadband access for rural America.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.