Farm Bureau Welcomes Introduction of Senate Water Bill

Taylor Hillman Industry News Release, Water

Senate Water Bill
Introduction of a California water bill in the U.S. Senate by Sen. Dianne Feinstein will help Congress move toward final legislation that addresses the state’s chronic water shortages, according to the president of the California Farm Bureau Federation.

“Senator Feinstein has never been shy about tackling the tough issues, and we appreciate her work to create a California water bill for the Senate’s consideration,” CFBF President Paul Wenger said. “The Senate must pass this bill so it can advance to a conference committee with the drought bill already passed by the House of Representatives.

“Our water system needs to add more flexibility to respond to ever-changing precipitation patterns,” Wenger said.  “California’s water system must be improved to accommodate our people, our environment and our economy.

“We appreciate Senator Feinstein’s leadership in introducing the Senate water bill,” he said. “It’s key to move a bill through the Senate that complements the legislation passed by the House.

“We will analyze the bill carefully and will continue to urge the entire California congressional delegation to work toward common-sense solutions to our state’s chronic water crisis,” Wenger said.

The California Farm Bureau Federation works to protect family farms and ranches on behalf of more than 53,000 members statewide and as part of a nationwide network of more than 6.2 million Farm Bureau members.