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Celebrating National Gardening Exercise Day

Dan This Land of Ours

exerciseYou have a beautiful vegetable garden. Why not use it to your benefit? Cathy Isom lets you know why there will be a lot of moving, shaking and raking in gardens across America today. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Every year on June 6th is National Gardening Exercise Day. A day when we are all encouraged to maximize the benefits we reap from gardening by adding some stretches and a few extra steps or squats.

Gardening on its own is therapeutic, builds muscles and burns calories. Some of the gardening activities that are excellent for working your muscles and for burning calories include weeding, digging, spading, planting, pruning, mowing, raking, and walking. So ditch the electric or power tools and consider using hand tools to burn the extra calories.

Incorporating stretching into a gardening routine may help to prevent injury, much like it does for any athletic endeavor.

Whether you’ll be pulling weeds or planting seeds, get your muscles moving. Use the hashtag #GardeningExerciseDay to share on social media.

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