National Farmer’s Day

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Cathy Isom tells us about a day to honor our Nation’s hardworking farmer. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

National Farmer’s Day

Wednesday, October 12th is designated as National Farmer’s Day. It’s a day to honor and pay tribute to all farmers throughout our nation and American history.

From very early American culture, a farmer’s endless hard work has been an example to all of us and today we thank them for their contributions to our economy.

More than two million farms dot America’s rural landscape. About 97 percent of U.S. farms are operated by families – individuals, family partnerships or family corporations.There are some cities and towns across the United States that have their own versions of Farmer’s Day, with celebrations and festivals on various dates throughout the year. Many of them are held in September and October.

October does seem fitting in celebrating National Farmer’s Day as it is near the end of the harvest. Many farmers will be able to take a rest from their hard labor to join in the celebration of this holiday.

Thank a farmer for the hard work they do to supply us with food. Use the hashtag #NationalFarmersDay to post on social media.