MSOB: RNA-Based Fungicide On The Horizon?

Taylor Hillman Industry, Making Sense of Biologicals

Mating Disruption, MSOB, RNA Based Fungicide

Recent research may have discovered the key to delivering an RNA-based fungicide successfully to detrimental fungi. A few years ago, scientists found that designed RNAs could silence the mechanism in fungi that negatively impact plants. However, the issue was the RNA tended to be fragile.

In the latest episode of the Making Sense of Biologicals program, UC Riverside Professor and Geneticist Hailing Jin said they have found a way to protect the RNA which could lead to a more environmentally friendly fungicide product on the market. “They are eco-friendly because RNA’s can be easily degraded in the environment and it won’t leave any toxic residues,” Jin said. “Most of the food we eat has DNAs and RNAs and we have the digestive system to process those molecules.”

Jin said with the new delivery, an RNA-based fungicide would be more durable against resistance development and could be another eco-friendly tool for producers.

Listen to the entire episode with UC Riverside’s Hailing Jin.

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