Fertilize Your Garden with Coffee Grounds

Dan This Land of Ours

fertilizeCathy Isom has a few great tips about why you should use coffee grinds to fertilize your garden. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

There are many benefits of using coffee grounds to fertilize your garden. So don’t throw them in the trash!

Coffee grounds adds organic material to the soil, which improves drainage, water retention and aeration in the soil. The used coffee grounds will also help microorganisms beneficial to plant growth thrive as well as attract earthworms.

Coffee grounds could lower the pH, or raise the acid level, of soil, which is good for acid loving plants. But this is only true for unwashed coffee grounds. Fresh coffee grounds are acidic. Used coffee grounds are neutral. When rinsed, coffee grounds will have a near neutral pH of 6.5 and will not affect the acid levels of the soil.

To use coffee grounds as fertilizer, work the coffee grounds into the soil around your plants. Leftover diluted coffee works well like this too.

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