Almond Leadership Program Focuses on Issues

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Almond Leadership ProgramEmerging leaders in the almond industry get a closer look at some big issues facing their trade. Bayer hosted the Almond Leadership Program at its West Sacramento site earlier this month.  Participants got a crash course in some growing concerns facing the almond crop, one being how to promote pollinator health.

The team met with bee experts to observe a healthy hive of bees, and spoke about how to maintain a healthy hive. They also touched on the fact that honey bees are essential to a successful almond crop.

Twenty-one participants engaged in conversations aimed to educate them on the future of the almond industry in California. Almonds are the number one agricultural export in California, and California produces 82 percent of the world’s supply of almonds.

Bayer officials commented on the program, saying, “As the population in the world rises, the global demand for food increases every day. By being proactive in a conversation like this, the participants communicate about how to develop innovative agricultural solutions to provide growers with more options.”

The Almond Board of California runs the Almond Leadership Program. According to the Almond Board, the year-long program is designed to provide a mentored experience for the next generation. It includes leadership training seminars, hands-on educational opportunities, field experience and a firsthand look at the inner workings of the Almond Board of California. Visit the Almond Leadership Program page for more information.Almond Leadership Program