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Agri View: Food and Health Problems

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health problems
Everett Griner talks about health problems and the food you eat in today’s Agri View.

Food and Health Problems

Is it just my imagination or is it the food we eat causing all the health problems that I keep hearing about. Sugar is not good for you. Don’t use salt. Meat will poison you. Careful now about how much white bread you eat. See what I mean? No matter what your favorite food is, somebody will give you a reason not to eat it. Now I have eaten ham and bacon all of my life. Now I have learned that I may have to give it up. It may cause me to have asthma. What about the toast, scrambled eggs, jam and coffee that I enjoy every morning? Ham and bacon could be unhealthy for some people. But there is no two of us that have the same digestive system. So if you have a thing that hurts you give it up. If you don’t, enjoy it. Never was a human body that something wouldn’t affect.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner.