U.S. Ag Machinery Industry Says NAFTA Could Use Changes

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New surveys by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers and the Equipment Dealers Association show modest satisfaction with the current North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), but a suggestion that there is room for improvement. Survey results revealed that 36 percent of equipment dealers and 59 percent of manufacturers are largely satisfied with the existing terms of NAFTA, but that some …

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Equipment Sales Show Ag Optimism Tied to Policy Promises

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A new industry report suggests improvements in optimism in agriculture is fueled by discussions over federal tax and regulatory reform. Farm Policy Facts reports policy experts are hopeful the momentum will continue, especially if Congress makes sound decisions regarding farm policy, which provides a foundation for the rural economy. Agricultural equipment sales have increased for six straight months, and the …

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Overall Tractor Sales Trending Higher in 2017

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Tractor sales in the United States increased again last month, representing a six percent increase since the beginning of the year. A monthly report by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers shows April tractor sales were up seven percent, compared to April of last year, with more than 67,000 sales reported. For the month, two-wheel drive under 40 horsepower tractors, were …

Farm Equipment Sales Mixed in 2016

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Retail sales of tractors under 40 horsepower and between 40-100 horsepower rebounded in August. However, sales of larger tractors and combines continued their double-digit declines in the newest data available from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). U.S. retail sales for two-wheel drive tractors under 40 horsepower gained 21 percent in August, and are 11 percent higher on the year-to-date.