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irrigationWith the unusually wet year, growers are changing up their irrigation schedules. Spencer Cooper, senior manager of irrigation and water efficiency, tells us what growers need to be monitoring right now for irrigation.

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Courtesy: The Almond Doctor

In this week’s Almond Matters, brought to you be Valent USA Corporation, treatments for peach twig borer could begin at the end of this month. There are several strategies and products to consider for treatment timing. Continue reading

Two annual meetings, one for walnuts and one for almonds, will be combined for the first time this year in Northern California. The Butte and Glenn County Almond and Walnut Day, in conjunction with North Valley Nut Conference, will offer small-group, hands-on discussions and training. Find out more ->

Sustainability and Production Research, Global Marketing Initiatives to Move Forward as USDA Implements Assessment Increase

On Dec. 20 the USDA published the Final Rule to implement the recommendation by Almond Board of California (ABC) to increase the assessment from 3 cents per pound to 4 cents per pound for a three-year period beginning with the current 2016–17 almond crop. The decision means ABC can move forward with aggressive plans to broaden its sustainability1 and production research and launch new global marketing programs. Continue reading

winter weeds
In today’s Almond Matters, brought to you by Valent USA Corporation, almond producers are well into planning and prepping orchards for next season. One important step during winter is to control weeds. Continue reading

Almond Orchard
Almond Board of California President and CEO Richard Waycott went into detail about the state of the industry presentation at this year’s Almond Conference. The industry is seeing growth among challenging times, and Waycott said focusing on the almond orchard of the future is spurring innovation and fueling that gain. Watch the video ->

Courtesy: Gurreet Brar

Courtesy: Gurreet Brar

In today’s Almond Matters, brought to you by Valent USA Corporation, there is a new decision support tool for growers as they monitor scale populations in their orchards. Continue reading

Young Almond Trees
Almond production techniques are not universal. Some countries are ahead of others with new practices. Burchell Nursery product development and plant breeder John Slaughter says specifically that Spain is ahead of California on new harvesting practices, and there are things for our almond industry to learn from advances in other countries, and vice-versa.

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Almond Board of California
Post-harvest irrigation for almond growers starts the success of next year’s crop. Senior Manager of Irrigation and Water Efficacy for the Almond Board, Spenser Cooper, tells us why it’s so important.

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almond alliance
The Almond Hullers and Processors Association is now officially the Almond Alliance of California. What does the group do and how will it help the almond industry?

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reduce dust
Harvest time means growers are thinking about ways to reduce dust. The Fresno State farm, which is in the middle of town, has many neighbors to consider.

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monitor for leaffooted bug

Courtesy: UCANR

Leaffooted bug has re-emerged as an issue for almond growers over the last two seasons and researchers say there is a specific time for California producers to monitor for leaffooted bug.

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NOW management
California growers can help reduce navel orangeworm (NOW) pressure next season by taking advantage of predicted El Nino rains.

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