New Protections For Immigrant Workers on Horizon

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A California legislative committee recently amended a proposed bill that will define the individual rights of immigrant workers while on the job.  The Immigration Worker Protection Act (AB 450) would protect immigrant farmworkers against self-audits of I-9 documentation from their employer. The bill would require that employers must ask for a warrant prior to giving the U.S. Immigration and Customs …


NMPF Recognizes Members of Congress for Focusing Attention on Dairy Workforce Needs

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As discussions over immigration policy continue on Capitol Hill, the National Milk Producers Federation thanked members of both the House and Senate for working to address the unique labor challenges faced by dairy producers. NMPF has called on legislators to address this dilemma for more than a decade. “We welcome these bipartisan efforts to shine a light on an issue …

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Western Growers Forms Partnership with New Mexico Chile Association

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The New Mexico Chile Association (NMCA) and Western Growers (WG) have announced a strategic collaboration between their respective associations. The two groups have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that allows them to coordinate on business matters and policy issues of mutual interest. Additionally, the MOU gives New Mexico chile growers access to a host of WG member benefits, such …


Farmers Need Solution to Immigration Challenge

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by Jim Mulhern, President, CEO, NMPF Too many of the nation’s dairy farmers are facing an ongoing, daunting challenge: finding enough American workers to fill jobs on their farms, even when they provide wages higher than those paid by other local jobs.  This “between a rock and hard place” dilemma has grown more acute as the national unemployment rate has …

Ag Labor and Border Security Require Balanced Approach

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For farmers and ranchers, immigration reform must balance agriculture’s need for a dependable supply of agricultural labor with enhanced security at our nation’s border. A new video produced by the American Farm Bureau Federation highlights those issues, but with political debate ramping up and no practical solutions on the horizon, farmers say important areas of U.S. food production are at …