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2018 Farm Bill

dairy policy
The House Agriculture Committee held a hearing to review current dairy policy and explore options to make it more effective for farmers. This hearing is a continuation of the committee’s series to examine all aspects of the next farm bill. Committee members heard from industry representatives who gave a general overview of the current state of the dairy industry and highlighted some of the challenges they are facing. Continue reading

livestock producers
Rep. David Rouzer (NC-7), Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee’s Subcommittee on Livestock and Foreign Agriculture, held a hearing to gather perspectives from key members of the livestock community as part of the committee’s hearing series on the next farm bill. Members of the committee heard from representatives of four major livestock producer groups who discussed the issues facing their respective industries as well as their priorities for the upcoming farm bill. Continue reading

vaccine bank
The U.S. pork industry’s top priority for the next Farm Bill is establishing a Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) vaccine bank, the National Pork Producers Council told a House Agriculture subcommittee in testimony.

“If this country ever had an FMD outbreak, it not only would devastate my farm and the whole livestock industry but the entire U.S. economy,” said NPPC Vice President David Herring, a pork producer from Newtown Grove, N.C., who testified on behalf of the organization before the agriculture panel’s Subcommittee on Livestock and Foreign Agriculture. Continue reading

snap house agriculture committee research
Rep. Rodney Davis (IL-13), Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee’s Subcommittee on Biotechnology, Horticulture, and Research, held a hearing to highlight the importance of agricultural research as part of the committee’s hearing series on the next farm bill. Members heard from witnesses who stressed the important role research plays in ensuring that American agriculture remains competitive and capable of addressing growing needs around the world. Continue reading

protect crop insurance weather
A group of 60 national farm, lending, ag input, conservation, and crop insurance and reinsurance organizations, led by the Crop Insurance and Reinsurance Bureau, sent a letter to the Administration and key lawmakers opposing cuts to crop insurance during the upcoming budget and appropriations processes and in the 2018 Farm Bill. Continue reading

farm bureau safety
The American Farm Bureau Federation and 11 other farm and ranch groups asked congressional budget and appropriations committees to increase funding for farm programs in the 2018 farm bill.

The coalition underlined in a letter the need for a strong farm safety net in the face of financial hardship not seen for decades. Continue reading

by CDFA Office of Public Affairs

house agriculture farm bill
The Farm Bill is essential for agriculture in the present time, but it also plays a vital role in shaping our future.  It helps fund research and education programs; it supports the development of our rural communities; and, significantly, it serves as a guide for young and beginning farmers who will carry the torch of California agriculture.

New and Beginning Farmers Watch the video and learn more. →

quicker aid
Everett Griner talks about how quicker aid may be available to producers in today’s Agri View. Hear Everett’s report and learn more. →

Friesian (Holstein) dairy cows grazing on lush green pasture
The first 2018 Farm Bill development meeting took place this week. Legislators have been encouraging the nation’s producers to speak up about what worked in the last Farm Bill and what didn’t. Continue reading

dairy nmpf
Dairy farmers need Congress to make improvements in the dairy title of the farm bill this year, and not wait until 2018 when the current bill expires, according to testimony delivered here today by Kansas dairy farmer Lynda Foster.

In a field hearing Thursday on the campus of Kansas State University, Foster told members of the Senate Agriculture Committee that “dairy farmers deserve better” than the current Margin Protection Program (MPP), created in 2014 by Congress. “We need Congress to act swiftly this year and make the necessary changes in order for our industry to be able to protect ourselves from the bad year that could arrive at any time, even in years where experts are predicting higher margins.” Continue reading

house agriculture committee
The House Agriculture Committee held a hearing to review the economic challenges facing rural America. Members heard from several witnesses who highlighted these factors, including low farm commodity prices, declining net farm income, tightening credit conditions, a strong dollar, and unfair trade practices by foreign competitors. Continue reading

house farm bill
The U.S. House Agriculture Committee will hold a hearing next week that will help set the stage for the next farm bill. The full committee hearing, Rural Economic Outlook: Setting the Stage for the Next Farm Bill, is planned for Wednesday, February 15th. Continue reading

farm bill
Everett Griner talks about work on the new Farm Bill starting soon in today’s Agri View. Hear Everett’s report and learn more. →

committee farm bill conaway
House Agriculture Committee Chair Mike Conaway hinted he would be open to splitting the Farm Bill ahead of the 2018 cycle. Continue reading

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