AgNeTVideo: Almonds

Darin Allred, Technical Sales Representative at Chemtura Agrosolutions, discusses honey bee awareness

The Almond Board of California discusses Best Management Practices for honey bees during pollination.

Dave Downing, Brand leader for ADAMA, discusses Voxien Formulation of products available to California producers.

Fresno County Agriculture Commissioner presents the 2013 Crop Report to the Board of Supervisors

Jim Jasper, Stewart & Jasper Orchards

Members of the Oakdale H.S. FFA volunteered their assistance this year at the Almond Conference

The Director of Sales of Eco Cube at this year’s Almond Conference.

The winner of the Polaris at this year’s Almond Conference.

BASF Merivon Fungicide

Sure Harvest online technology – sustainability program

Doug Haller discusses Altrevin fire ant bait insecticide.

The 2013 Almond Achievement Award goes to Martin Pohl.

Meg Ribotto of Project Apis m. discusses a special project to help honey bees.

Johnny Georges of Arcadia FL – Tree T-Pee

Cory Schurman discusses Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers.

Herb Young discusses Nimitz by Mana at the CAPCA conference.

Chemtura booth at the CAPCA conference – honey bee health

Bayer Product Manager Steve Olson – about the Bayer booth at the CAPCA conference

Mana Brand Leader Dave Downing- what makes Voxien different

Jenny Konschak, from the Almond Board of California, discusses its upcoming conference at CAPCA.

Fresno County almond grower Gino Favagrossa – how almonds are harvested

2013 almond harvest update

Brian Dunning, Director of Quality Assurance for Blue Diamond Growers, discusses almonds and food safety

Themis Michailides, Ph.D., Plant Pathologist, discusses AF36 and almonds

Bob Curtis, Associate Director of Agricultural Affairs of the Almond Board of California, discusses new guidelines for harvest and stockpiling of almonds

Stanislaus County Farm Advisor Roger Duncan on light interception and almonds