The Importance of Zinc in Almond Production

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Zinc is a critical micronutrient for all deciduous crops.  It is a component of chlorophyll, which serves as the mechanism converting sunlight into carbon to enable nut development.  Retired UC Farm Advisor Bob Beede spoke about the importance of zinc at the recent Central Valley Almond Day, hosted by West Coast Nut.  “If you get deficient in zinc, you’re going …

organic wine

Organic Wine Study-Price or Taste?

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You swish around a sip of organic wine in your mouth and it might tempt your taste buds, but that doesn’t mean you’ll pay more for it. Cathy Isom tells us wine lovers aren’t willing to pay more for that bottle, even if it’s labeled organic. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.   Organic agriculture around the world …

Almond Growers Check Effects of Rain at Bloom

Aria Wilcox Nuts & Grapes, Tree, nut & vine crops, Weather

Frequent rains and wind caused a few hurdles for California almond growers, whose orchards could have benefited from more calm weather to encourage fly time from honeybees to pollinate and set the 2017 crop. As farmers evaluate their orchards in advance of the first official government estimate, they say the almond crop looks good, all things considered. The U.S. Department …

hass avocados

APHIS Extends Comment Period for Proposed Rule on Importation of Hass Avocados From Colombia

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is extending the comment period for a proposed rule that would allow the importation of Hass avocados from Colombia into the continental United States. We are also notifying the public of the availability of a revised pest risk assessment (PRA) and risk management document (RMD) associated with the …

national mango board

USDA Seeks National Mango Board Nominees

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is seeking membership nominations for six seats on the National Mango Board. Applications for the seats are due Feb. 22, 2017. Selected members will serve three-year terms of office. The board is seeking candidates for the following six seats to replace members whose terms expire Dec. 31, 2017: