Programs are updated each weekday for airing by the station on the following weekday. The six vignette programs are updated at 3:00 p.m. Pacific time, and Farm City Newsday is ready for downloading by 4:30 p.m. Please be sure the programs you are loading are the correct ones for the following weekday, as indicated by the dates listed.

For federal holidays, we will post programs early. See the list of holidays and posting dates here:  AgNet West Station 2016 Holiday Notification.pdf


Rarely do unusual circumstances or breaking news require a deadline extension. In these rare instances affiliate stations will be notified as far in advance as possible.

If you have a problem downloading your programs, have questions about upload or download times, or if there is a problem with any of your programs, please call us immediately.
1. Sabrina Hill, Farm News Director, 559-519-1025

2. Taylor Hillman, Assistant Farm News Director, 559-930-0344

3. Aria Wilcox, Web assistant, 559-476-7327

STATIONS: PROGRAM OPERATORS: PASSWORD PROTECTION REINSTATEMENT COMING SOON. In order to protect our affiliates and programming we will be re-instituting the password protection on our affiliate station pages soon. We will be sending you your Password information with the date of reinstatement via email.

Stations: We have installed a new player/down-loader for your audio programs. To download, simply click the grey down arrow next to the play button. You can also hover over top of the download button to see the name of the program.

Programs to air 03/20
AgNet West Today
Farm & Ranch Headlines
Specialty Crop News
Out & About Western Agriculture

TWO ADDITIONAL OPTIONAL HEADLINES (Additional only, NOT to replace any of the four core above):

Ag Business Update
Modern Ag Report

ALSO, A NEW HOUR FORMAT “Farm City Newsday” program is now available. “Farm City Newsday” can be customized for your station as a feature length program of up to an hour in length. “Farm City Newsday” can further compliment your farm news lineup, and your station’s network and local sales efforts. Please contact with questions or comments about these new programs. Stations already airing are doing so with good feedback and success. Your comments are always welcome!

Localized intro for Farm City Newsday program.

(There will be a link here for a :15 localized intro for the Farm City Newsday program.)

Programs to air 03/20
Farm City Newsday Segment-1
Farm City Newsday Segment-2
Farm City Newsday Segment-3