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Psyllid Spreads North, Found in Placer County

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The Asian citrus psyllid, a small insect that can carry a devastating citrus tree disease, has been detected in Placer County. The disease, called Huanglongbing, and is also known as HLB or citrus greening disease, will kill any tree it infects and there is no known cure, other than prevention. A call to the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s …


California’s Strawberry Industry Without Methyl Bromide?

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2016 is the final year for the soil fumigant to be used in California crop fields. For many years, California growers relied on methyl bromide to kill a wide range of soil-borne pests, from fungi to insects to weeds, before planting crops. 2016 marks the last year in which the highly effective soil fumigant will be available.