National Dairy FARM Program Releases Environmental Stewardship Reference Manual to Celebrate Earth Day

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The National Dairy FARM Program has released its Environmental Stewardship Continuous Improvement Reference Manual in cooperation with the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy. Released in celebration of Earth Day, the guide provides a comprehensive suite of on-farm management practices to reduce a farm’s environmental footprint and improve its profitability. Specifically, the manual features a detailed explanation of the FARM Environmental …

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Canada Doubling Down on Dairy Trade Comments

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Canada continues to say ‘it’s not our problem’ when asked about dairy trade with the United States. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (true-doh) told Bloomberg News Thursday: “It’s not Canada that’s the challenge here.” Trudeau said the U.S. has a large dairy trade surplus with Canada. He stood by his own system, by saying every country subsidizes agriculture, adding: “Let’s …


Animal Rights Groups Want Dead Animal Payments Stopped

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The Humane Farming Association is once again attempting to get the U.S. Department of Agriculture to stop payments to livestock farmers when their animals are unsheltered and die as a result of bad weather. Politico’s Morning Agriculture Report says the group has sent a petition to Sonny Perdue ahead of his confirmation as Ag Secretary. Severe storms and heat have …

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Canada Responds to Dairy Trade Disagreement with U.S.

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Canada’s Ambassador to Washington told the Associated Press this week that Donald Trump is wrong when he says that Canada’s dairy industry trade practices “are very unfair.” David MacNaughton wrote a letter to the governors of Wisconsin and New York to let them know Canada is aware of their request to the president for help with Canada’s dairy practices. “Canada …

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Trump Vows to Fix Wisconsin Dairy Situation

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At a recent stop in Wisconsin to discuss job creation, President Donald Trump vowed to support Wisconsin dairy farmers in their trade dispute with Canada and possibly make big changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement. A Milk Business Dot Com article quotes the President as saying “We’re using every tool at our disposal to restore the American dream. …


63 Indictments in Brazil Tainted Meat Scandal

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Brazil has indicted 63 people for their role in a corruption scheme within the nation’s Ministry of Agriculture. Drovers Cattle Network reports the charges allege federal auditors at meat processing facilities took bribes for years in exchange for fraudulent sanitary permits. Suspects in the case are charged with falsifying medical records and certificates, tampering with food products, conspiracy and corruption. …

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U.S. Petition Seeks Brazilian Beef Ban

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An online petition is seeking a ban on beef imports to the U.S. from Brazil. Posted on the White House’s We the People Website, the petition cites Brazil’s tainted meat scandal in asking the administration to ban “unsafe imports” from Brazil until all beef in the U.S. is sold with a country-of-origin label. Food Safety News reports the petition was …


NMPF Statement on President Trump’s Comments on Dairy Trade Dispute with Canada

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Statement of Jim Mulhern, President and CEO, National Milk Producers Federation “We thank President Donald Trump for speaking out in Wisconsin against the harmful pricing policy Canada implemented in an effort to stifle competition with the United States. We have repeatedly stressed that trade must be fair and that all countries should be held accountable when they break the rules. Canada’s …


NMPF Recognizes Members of Congress for Focusing Attention on Dairy Workforce Needs

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As discussions over immigration policy continue on Capitol Hill, the National Milk Producers Federation thanked members of both the House and Senate for working to address the unique labor challenges faced by dairy producers. NMPF has called on legislators to address this dilemma for more than a decade. “We welcome these bipartisan efforts to shine a light on an issue …


Dairy, Ag Groups Urge President Trump to Act Immediately to Halt Canada’s Continued Disregard of Trade Obligations

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The U.S. dairy sector and state agriculture officials urged President Donald Trump to take immediate action against Canada’s repeated and escalating disregard for its trade obligations under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Most recently, Canada implemented a new national pricing policy that blatantly blocks American dairy exports and will enable significant dumping of Canadian dairy products onto the …


Senators Ask Administration to Act on Dairy Trade Barriers by Canada

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A group of Senators is urging the Donald Trump administration to act against what they call trade barriers restricting U.S. dairy farmers access to Canada. New York Democrats Charles Schumer and Kristen Gillibrand, along with Wisconsin Democrat Tammy Baldwin, sent a letter to the Trump administration saying the trade barriers are hurting American dairy farmers and processors.

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Canada Closes a Door on U.S. Dairy Farmers

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U.S. Farmers To Lose Milk Supply Contracts In 2016, U.S. milk producers, competing in a global dairy market, saw the value of milk fall to the lowest level since the recession. Now, U.S. dairy producers are facing another challenge: Canada’s national ingredients strategy. Canada’s strategy, implemented at the provincial level, is designed to make Canadian milk more competitive by lowering …

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March Dairy Market Report

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In January, the average U.S. all-milk price reached its highest level since the final month of the 2013-2014 price spike. At $10.54 per hundredweight, the Margin Protection Program (MPP) margin for November–December was the highest in two years. Also in January, dairy exports continued to improve, representing 13 percent of milk solids production, the second highest-ever January percentage after January …


Don’t Let the Tail Wag the Dog

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by Jim Mulhern, President, CEO National Milk Producers Federation If experience is the best teacher, Congress should have learned an important lesson from the experience with the dairy Margin Protection Program during the past two years: letting policy be dictated by an inaccurate Congressional Budget Office computer model that attempts to predict costs of a proposed program 10 years into …

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Milk Production Drops, Costs Rise from 2014

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The California Dairy Statistics Annual for 2015 reported total milk production was down 3.4 percent, the number of dairy cows was down 2.3 percent, milk per cow was down 1.1 percent, and the number of dairies decreased 2.2 percent compared to 2014. The annual average price paid to producers was $15.40 per hundredweight (cwt.), with the lowest average price in …

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House Agriculture Committee Evaluates Current Dairy Policy

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The House Agriculture Committee held a hearing to review current dairy policy and explore options to make it more effective for farmers. This hearing is a continuation of the committee’s series to examine all aspects of the next farm bill. Committee members heard from industry representatives who gave a general overview of the current state of the dairy industry and …