Western View: Trump Won, Now What?

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It’s been the craziest election of our lifetime, and some people still can’t accept the results. It’s been a crazy week ever since, with angry protests around the country. Clinton supporters are furious that she won the popular vote but lost the electoral college.

The Western View: Big Data Part 2

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A few weeks ago we talked about Big Data, and how it applies to information gathered by farmers when they are growing a crop. It’s a fascinating topic, one ripe with possibilities, and I’ve been exploring it in depth. In fact, I have a series of articles coming out about it, starting this month, in West Coast Nut Grower magazine.

Western View: What to do with 44,000 Old Wild Horses

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The Bureau of Land Management is under fire again, this time for something it hasn’t even done. An advisory group suggested that the Bureau euthanize or sell without restrictions the 45,000 or so “unadoptable” horses and burros that the BLM is holding in off-range corrals and pastures. The suggestion touched a nerve with wild horse advocates.

The Western View: Ag Startup Resources

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Startup companies in any industry face many challenges on the journey from an idea to a sustainable business. Smart entrepreneurs look for resources to help them on that journey. Agfunder, the online ag investment platform, has helped compile a report about 77 different resources dedicated to food and agriculture startup companies.