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Agri View: Record of Nothing in Particular

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  Everett Griner talks about Australian farmers setting a world record in today’s Agri View.       There is nothing particularly interesting about this story. I just found it unusual and I thought that you might too. A team of Australian farmers have set a new world record for agriculture. They sprayed 6,515 acres of land in a 24 …


Agri View: Farmer’s Almanac

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  Everett Griner talks about the Farmer’s Almanac. The most continuous read and used magazine in the U.S. in today’s Agri View.       The first edition was published in 1792. The Old Farmer’s Almanac I mean. This year’s publication is the 225th with no interruption. Not one of the biggest selling publications but its readers are one of …

pollinator problem

Agri View: Pollinator Problem Worldwide

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  Everett Griner talks about the bee and pollinator problem now worldwide in today’s Agri View.     For a decade or longer beekeepers throughout the U.S. have been impacted by that mysterious disease that destroys whole hives of Honeybees. Hope for a solution is still strong but it still lingers. Until recently I was unaware that the problem has …

farm bill field hearing debate

Agri View: 2018 Farm Bill Debate

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    Everett Griner talks about the debate beginning on the 2018 Farm Bill in today’s Agri View.         Well Congress is working on the next Farm Bill. It is due next year. That doesn’t mean much though. Because most farm bills are never finished when they are supposed to be. Anyway, there has been little indication …