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Almond Orchard
Almond Board of California President and CEO Richard Waycott went into detail about the state of the industry presentation at this year’s Almond Conference. The industry is seeing growth among challenging times, and Waycott said focusing on the almond orchard of the future is spurring innovation and fueling that gain. Watch the video ->

orchard recycling
California producers saw another option for orchard recycling. Organizers said this demonstration aimed to show growers different ways to perform this practice and keep producers thinking about the benefits recycling can have in their orchards.

Watch the video ->

Transplanting System
A company continues to test its automated lettuce transplanting system on the Central Coast. The Plant Tape system takes a lot of labor out of the transplanting process and company representatives say the process also increases yields.

Watch how it works ->

high density almond
A few trials around the state are looking at high density almond plantings by using a dwarfing rootstock. Mapes Ranch and Lyons Investments is operating one of those projects just outside of Modesto.

Watch how they’re harvested ->

ancient grain
Kandarian Organic Farms Owner Larry Kandarian produces some age-old crops on beautiful land in Los Osos. He says some of his crops should be referred to as a forgotten crop rather than an ancient grain. Growing some of them isn’t easy and yields aren’t overwhelming, but Kandarian says the point is to remind the general public about these foods and to keep seed lines pure.

See some examples of his crops ->

Avocado industry monitoring the spread of shot hole borer pest

U.C. Cooperative Extension, the California Avocado Commission, California Avocado Society and Cal Poly showed San Luis Obispo County growers how shot hole borer (SHB) traps work at a recent installment in the Avocado Growers Seminar Series.


Florida grower talks about life with HLB and what California growers should be prepared to do

A longtime Florida citrus grower is making the best of a bad situation and has a very clear recommendation for California if commercial trees start to test positive for huanglongbing disease.

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An impressive tree grinding demonstration showed growers the possibility of capturing organic matter from orchard removal. University of California Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources hosted the event where IronWolf showed how their machine works. Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor Brent Holtz talks about the research.

Read more about the research ->

We sat down with President of the Produce Marketing Association Cathy Burns to talk about this year’s Fresh Summit and the future of PMA.

Thermotherapy Field Day, July 9
Whitaker Groves, Grand Island, Florida
Jef Whitaker, owner and host of the event

With 50 growers in attendance, Dr. Reza Ehsani provided a demonstration of the University of Florida citrus tree steamer unit and a brief update on the research currently being done with tree Continue reading

Sabrina Hill is at the Water Board Resource Control Board hearing in Sacramento.

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