Smart Water Deters Ag Theft

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Detectives from the Tulare County Sheriff’s agriculture crime unit are using new technology to thwart ag theft. The product is called SmartWater CSI. Detective John Nicholson said equipment owners can use the liquid to mark their tools, much like an invisible serial code. The water has a mineral code in it that can be changed. Owners are given a water …

Almond Orchard of the Future Fuels Industry Growth

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Almond Board of California President and CEO Richard Waycott went into detail about the state of the industry presentation at this year’s Almond Conference. The industry is seeing growth among challenging times, and Waycott said focusing on the almond orchard of the future is spurring innovation and fueling that gain.

Going Against the Ancient Grain

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Kandarian Organic Farms Owner Larry Kandarian produces some age-old crops on beautiful land in Los Osos. He says some of his crops should be referred to as a forgotten crop rather than an ancient grain. Growing some of them isn’t easy and yields aren’t overwhelming, but Kandarian says the point is to remind the general public about these foods and …

Grower Warns CA of HLB Tough Reality

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Florida grower talks about life with HLB and what California growers should be prepared to do A longtime Florida citrus grower is making the best of a bad situation and has a very clear recommendation for California if commercial trees start to test positive for huanglongbing disease.

Grinder Demo Shows Orchard Removal Options

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An impressive tree grinding demonstration showed growers the possibility of capturing organic matter from orchard removal. University of California Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources hosted the event where IronWolf showed how their machine works. Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor Brent Holtz talks about the research.

AgNeTVideo: Thermotherapy Field Day

Dan AgNeTVideo, Citrus

Thermotherapy Field Day, July 9 Whitaker Groves, Grand Island, Florida Jef Whitaker, owner and host of the event With 50 growers in attendance, Dr. Reza Ehsani provided a demonstration of the University of Florida citrus tree steamer unit and a brief update on the research currently being done with tree