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Associate Director of Agricultural Affairs for the Almond Board of California Bob Curtis discusses the importance of bee health and has tips for growers.
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Almonds are the crop of choice bees and pollination services, according to Associate Director of Agricultural Affairs for the Almond Board of California, Bob Curtis. And he says the health and safety of those bees is important to the industry.

He says at the field level, best management practices are very critical, and it all starts with a good working relationship between the almond grower and the bee keeper.

He says during the bloom fungicide sprays are needed, but it’s important to notify the bee keeper of the spraying.

There’s another way growers can help bees as well. Curtis says growers ca plant bee forage to help improve bee health.

The Almond Board is working with Project Apis M, and both have more information for growers on planting forage for bees.

For tips from the Almond Board on bees, click here.

For Project Apis m, click here.

To hear additional comments and tips from Curtis, click here.

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